Covid-19 Disposable Medical & Surgical Products Available
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Last updated: April 2019


On Successful Registration Seller will receive the confirmation Email on the registered email and Welcome SMS on the registered Mobile number

Seller will receive the confirmation of email for Document confirmation for the documents uploaded by Seller at the time of Registration

Once The process of Confirmation is done seller will be allowed to upload the product Video and start selling to Buyers


Once paid, Subscription Fees for the FRABON INDIA TECH SOLUTIONS – FRABON – India’s #1 Wholesale / Retail (B2B / B2C) Video Online Business platform

Seller Can Not Cancel the Subscription during or Middle of the Subscription time.

This subscription is Nonrefundable & Nontransferable.


All Subscription Fees for FRABON is including of GST, Subject to Successful Payment & Correct GST Number FRABON INDIA TECH SOLUTIONS will Issue GST Invoice within 14 Working days to the registered email id


In case of any violation of Terms and conditions & Privacy Policy, Copy Right violation FRABON has right to cancel the subscription without any Refund

In case of ONLY Document Discrepancy FRABON will inform the seller and Seller will have 7 working days to submit the correct documents and reactivate seller subscription account incase seller fails to submit the required documents Frabon will deduct administrative charges and balance will be refunded to seller